Which city in India has the maximum number of motorised vehicles ? Give number.?


How can I install side mirrors with led lights if my existing mirrors do not have leds?

Mumbai-more than 5.7 million vehicles!

Driving Test : Basic and Advance theory?

Delhi. There are more than 50,00,000 vehicles.

are underglows illegal in Texas?

i dont know the no,but it is said that,it is mumbai n delhi it is the most no if vechcles found.....

distance between mumbai and singnapur?

ya they r in hyderabad .i dont know the xact number but it is somewhere around 15lacs i think

How much does it cost to ship a car from Minnesota to Nigeria?

It's Bombay. Because all the developed people and businessmen settles there. The number is more than 57 lakhs !
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