Are car manufacturers dragging heels on new technology?

Example with great infrastructure in producing gas powered engines are electric / hydrogen technologies being held back.

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Gas $2.75 - $3.00+ a gallon... Ouch!


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A great movie about this is the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car." The film is about the California ZEV mandate from the 1990s, which forced carmakers (against their will) to make and sell electric cars.
The electric cars of that era were not perfect, and the automakers did their best to not actually lease them to anyone, but despite all this, some significant demand for electric vehicles was demonstrated (which carmakers tried to hide.)
The ZEV mandate was gutted by the Bush administration, and replaced with a program to research fuel cell cars. In this writer's opinion, fuel cells are a deliberate attempt to forestall progress on alternative fuels. It's the least-viable alt-fuel option, the one that will take the longest to perfect.
Proof. Take a look at what has been developed with NO HELP from our government, or from the major automakers:
The Phoenix electric pickup truck - using new, advanced Altairnano batteries - can:

Car part definition?

-Travel up to 250 miles per charge
-Carry 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph.
-Charges batteries in as little as TEN MINUTES.
-Has batteries that last 250,000 miles (never need replacement.)

Does anyone know much about 1995 tahoe turbo diesel trucks?

This is a real car - it is not just a concept. Orders have been taken, and cars are being built. So why don't we hear about this car from our press, our government, or the auto companies?
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