Are Goodyear tires from Walmart the same as one's from elsewhere?

I am looking at purchasing Goodyear Integrity tires at Walmart. I was wondering if anyone knows how good these tires are and if they are the same tire as you would buy anywhere else? Do you think that these would prove to be a safe, reliable tire?


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Goodyear is a multimillion dollar corporation, I don't think they would sell inferior tires to Walmart just so Walmart can sell them cheaper.
Walmart just buys in such large quantity that they get a better deal and can resell stuff at a price most cannot compete with.

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Yes they are the same Goodyear Integrity tires you would get at any tire shop.

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Yes but the quality of work at Walmart is sub-par compared to other places. You get what you pay for.

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I assume so.Personally I don't shop there.You do get what you pay for.

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Actually the tires at WalMart are better than those at most other dealers. WalMart carefully inspects each and every lot of tires before purchasing them. Any tires found to have even minor defects are rejected.

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i own a shop,and i buy those once in a while to put on a re-sale car and they are as good as any other tire,there just a little cheaper at wal-mart that's all,they get a good price break on them because they buy so may of them,but there as good as anything else,i have used before,and they have the warranty on them,so you cant go wrong there,good luck,i hope this help,s.

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It's known as scales of economy. Walmart sell that many tyres that they not only can afford to make less per tyre, but they also pay less per tyre than most places because of the sheer bulk discount they'd receive. So yes, they will be exactly the same tyres.

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I'm in the UK and I use Goodyear Eagle F1's GSD3 on my Focus and MGF and they are the best all round performance tyre going. Can't rate them highly enough.

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goodyear = manufacturer

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wallmart = retailer

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