Are seven tachograph charts legal each week?


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If you are refering to driving a vehicle fitted with a tacho for 7 consecutive shifts then No. This is illegal you are only allowed to drive a maximum of 6 shifts in a row. Even then this is subject to all manner of rules about actual driving time, breaks and periods of availability.

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You can legally use any number of tachographs as long as te driving times and rests all are within the legal limits.

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my hubby will answer when he gets home 2nite if u can wait that long - he hgv driver
hi,im home now....7 daily tachos are legal for 13 consecutive days only then you must take your weekly rest period of 24 hours,your tachos will be legal as long as your minimum daily rest periods and breaks are up tp date.hope that helps..

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then again you coul totaly egnore the tacho and do as you please as i have since itcame out, because it was invented by the germans and inflicted on the british against their will which was an act of treason by our government. and still is.

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To the best of my knowledge it is illegal to drive on 7 consecutive days, irrespective of the number of hours driven.

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It is a requirement to show all activities by means of tacho evidence. The best way to do this is to keep a tacho in a tacho machine at all times, how ever that is totally impractical.

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Common use dictates that a tacho is used on every day when work or driving is carried out, clearly marking on the chart start and finish times of daily rest.

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Weekly rest is marked on the last chart of a week and the first chart of the following week.

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There is in thoery no legal requirement to produce tacho charts for the days of rest but more and more transport companies insist on them being completed as a way of protecting them. Some drivers have been known to tell their boss they are on rest when in fact they are working for another company!!

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I am not 100% sure of what you are asking, but I shall answer anyway!

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Are you asking how many used charts you need to carry with you? If you are, then the answer is you need to carry all used charts for the current 'fixed' week (i/e/ Monday to Sunday). plus any charts for any driving done in the 15 calendar days prior to the current fixed week. You must also carry your driver card (for digital tachos), if you have one.

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This means that, if you work on a Sunday, then by the Sunday of the current fixed week, then you will be carrying 22 days worth of charts with you, even thought the law still states that they have to be handed in within 21 days..

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With effect from January 2008, you will have to carry 28 days worth of charts with you.

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Hope this is helpful.

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yes as long as you have your break

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NO you can only drive 6 days as long as you donotdrive more than 45hours or 90 hours in a fortnight to get more info go to vosa web site
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