Am I crazy?

I own a very nice sports car. the only car I have. it's front wheel drive. four cylinder. and 5speed I have good snow and winter tires and I drive it in the winter. people think I am crazy for driving it in the winter. but I have never hit the ditch or gotten into an accadent with that car. I keep it cleen during the winter too to keep it from rusting from the salt. am I crazy? and why or why not? I am looking for opinions not facts.


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I totally understand what you mean. people think you are crazy cus they see you with a nice car and are completely jealous. they wish they had your car and they say you are nuts for driving it in the winter because they don't know HOW to drive in the winter. but don't let it discourage you from driving in the winter. it's your car you can do what you want with it. enjoy your baby and don't listen to all the haters out there.

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no dude its not being crazy
its the love which is being upturned to u

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Nope, you're not crazy. You obviously just love your car! Enjoy and keep washing the salt off. : )

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For driving a car that has proven to be reliable in the winter, you are not crazy. In general, who knows.

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You are only crazy if a car has top priority in your life. It is perfectly fine to drive in the winter, it's your car, and it sounds like you take good care of it. God bless.

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not at all..i have been known to do the same..
but to me a sports car can not be front wheel drive

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Well, as long as you know how to drive it but it's probably prone to sliding because it is light weight. It can also rust more from salt and de-icers put on the roads.

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I heard it really can screw up your body kit if riding in bad snow and stuff but if want to ride it that way you can

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Good luck!!

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you are not crazy,

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U r just enjoying your baby!

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GO ahead and dont listen to what people say!

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No, Since it is your only car you may as well drive it all year round. If you had a 4 wheel drive should you drive it only in the winter? Enjoy! summer is just around the Conner

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Depends on the car, if it's a collectible, then yes because the salt will eat the body and under carriage away.

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yes you are crazy. The best vehicle in the winter is a motorcycle, I assure you.
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