Whats the good and bad on 2000 and up Mitsubishi Lancers??

They are cute and cheap lil cars, whats their main manufacturing defects??


What company rents cars without a credit card?

The reason why they are cheap is because they are known for their problems! Plus they ride like a ROCK! BUY AN AMERICAN CAR! KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THE US!

If your vehicle is being repossessed and you have the payment should the tow truck driver let your car go?

Mitsubishi's brand name is the main defect...

What's your guess to the price of gasoline this summer?

I didn't mean that i hate mitsubishi, but buying a car really depends on how much u like that brand and model...
If you love it, u'll have np with them regardless the reliability, fuel econ. etc. all those good stuff.
Is like... you dont like ford, eventho there is one there that is more reliable than a Toyota, you gonna hate it and live with fear that it will break.
If you love LanEvo as many does, you wouldn't care about how much it cost to owe and a bad reliability...

Why does my car keep shutting off?

it depend on how your driving style.. and regular servicing.. same as so called US cars too..

Will my hunk o'junk be accepted by a big car dealership as a trade-in?

Mitsubishi engines helped win WW2. That is how good they are. Mitsubishi wanted us all to be third class citizens of The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperty Sphere or we wouldn't be where we are today. Say..
I just noticed you did not eat every grain of rice in the one meal we are served each day. Um, can I lick your bowl?
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