Are blue neon lights illegeal under cars?


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Shawn is wrong, they are ILLEGAL in GA, ANY blue lights on your vehicle are illegal in GA, as well as probably every other state since blue lights are used on emergency vehicles only.

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This can bring a ticket, plus you can be charged with impersonating an officer if they want to push it.

Plymouth city council mock taxi driver test?

Don't know, but they sure look stupid...

Why do some people prefer to use thier cars to reach a destination than public transport?

varies from state to state; call the state police barracks or a local inspection station

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This depends on what state you live in.i live in VA and they are illegal here.Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or ask a police officer.

What is red desiel?

i know that they are legal in Georgia but I'm not sure about where you live.

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depends on the state, call your state patrol and ask.

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What a waste of money - they look silly and have no purpose in life

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In Minnesota, you cannot drive with them on. They are only for show.

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they are illegal everywhere.

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Not illegal in Canda...umm i think if you are a volunteer firefigther you can have red or blue lights like that on your car..i live in NY and i know thats legal only when on a call though...other then that dont waste your money...and if you put it on a civic then defeinlty dont do it

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It varies from state to state, but as a general rule most states only allow blue or red lights to be displayed by emergency vehicles.
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