Are there any web sites that can help me understand how to drive an 18 wheeler and the workings of it?

I'm going through my commercial drivers handbook from the california DMV.I have never driven a three axle tractor and some of the stuff in it is foreign to me.I plan to enroll in a class but want to get a head start understanding the machine and how it opporates to get a head start before I enroll to do better in class once I do.


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Well im 23 years old and i have my Class A CDL for semis and the best that i can tell you is to get behind the wheel and do some practiceing with someone or on your own because thats how i learned and then i read the book and took the behind the wheel test and i passed with flying colors so all that i can say is practice a little first and then u will have a good idea on what to look forward to when u enter the class room

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Check out a local Truck Stop, alot of these guys can give ya info and 'show ya the ropes' Also, many of the trucking outfits will teach ya for free, but may want you to drive for them for a year or two.Check out your local Job Listings and D.O.L.

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Personally, There has to be a Dealer for Tractor/Trailers near-by. They would be more than Glad to assist with a Brochure. Or, locating like Peterbilt, Mack Trucks, or Ford on line should be fairly simple. Hope this helps. Good Luck !!
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