Do women enjoy flashing truckers?

on the road as they drive by have noticed some recently i enjoyed it.keep it up its a great way to break the boredom of the road


How do i create a car club and grab potential members?

my wife and i think that most truckies have a hard job to keep their hours up. we always have the cb on and talk to the truckies on the road. she doesn't mind flashing **** and some more sometimes so keep your eyes peeled boys you don't know when we might pass YOUR truck.

What is causing that sound in the engine? (with video)?

Yes, Daddy.

List four safety precautions one must be aware of when jacking up a car and removing and replacing the wheel?

I hope not.



What do you think about the possible buyout of Chrysler by GM.?

ha ha...that's great! My fiance is a trucker, as well as his dad...I'm sure they don't mind a bit...anything to keep it interesting!

How can I get better traction in snow?

depends who's drunk...

Why do people do this to cars?

Hellz yess!

Is there a car like...?

nope not really!

Where can I get a set of lambswool overrugs?

OK, next time I see a trucker, Im gonna flash them lol

01 mitsubishi eclipse w/91,000 miles will need new engine. i owe $8,000 on it?

I enjoy it when the truckers flash me!

What is the fastest production vehical on the road?


What car should i but thats not to much like less then $50,000?

some yes some no,

Just because someone drives a normal looking car...?

depends on how their day is going

Hey lets get real we must be willing to do something about global warming like use cars less.?


What is the make and model of the car Marcus (Indi's assistant) drives in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

I don't but I know there are some women around here that put on shows all the time....hubby is a gas hauler!!

What Date Did The Kids Get Killed On The Train Tracks And Can U Get Me A Story About It Also Please & ThankYou

Or were they trying to turn on their wipers?

What is a safe car?

maybe if she needs glasses

How much does an average saloon car weigh (weight) ?

I've never done it...but I do hate it when men in vans beep their horns at me!

What is a good standard car?

I don't, but I had a friend who used to flash truckers every time we would go somewhere. She was also a pot head.

Can someone tell me what my saginaw transmission is case# 338935 side# 352254 tail# 6261889 ser # 1721155836?

Sure we do!! we are showing are appreciation for the job you guy's do plus we like it when you blow your horn!!

Are parking spots for expectant mother's really necessary?

Not all women, ... Please excuse the ones who feel the excuse to be on a Jerry Springer show when they drive a car .

What is your favorite sport car?

There was an urban myth that there was a woman who used to drive around the M25, greater london, pleasuring herself in her birthday suit, to turn truckers on. Obviously only truckers could see in and look down from their truck in to her car. Suffice to say i must of put on 100,000's of miles tracking her down, never found her - but still to this day hope that one day i will see her!

Other than Petroleum, what other fuel can be used in a car?

so keep it up!

About how many 1968 chevrolet chevelles are there in the U.S.?

Here's a suggestion, keep your eyes on the road.

Do gas stations take personal check?

Dont know, but I know for sure that truckers enjoy women flashing at them!! My husband is a truck driver and he tells me of all sorts of things going on on the motorway. He often looks down into a car and sees men with their "bits in their hands"!

Can anyone help find car parts for next to nothing for a 1988 ford t-bird?

I would have to say that I do, Think about how lonely truck drivers everywhere are right now. Think about how much happier they would be if they seen some titty. so come on girls and lift up your shirts and flash a trucker today.

How much leg room is there in the DB9?

its ace aint it mate when driven along beep beep some girl in a minibus flashen ya best time for that is night time on the m6 near sandbach

How many miles are in a hour?

For sure, you have to give them a little frill.

What car has the biggest engine?

A lot of them like to tease you.
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