Are there any common problems with a 1995 2wd astro ?

how are the motors, ie; head gasket problems ? how about auto trans. problems ? i've heard of rough 1-2 shifts. the one i may buy has approx. 120,000 mi. i think i can get it for $1500.00. i do all my own repair work and i mean all ! i'm not a dummy, just not familiar with this model. basicly i'm a ford man, but this looks in good shape and my 1988 ford conversion van is pretty rusty. plus it only gets 10 mpg if i'm lucky. yeah, i drive them till they die.


Nissan Altima 2005?

do some research at

Same 98 Malibu with fuel guage problem.?

I used to date a woman who owned on and the ony problem she ever had with it was sticking brake calipers.

Does anybody no any sites for co2 powered car desighns?

the 4.3L is a proven engine. I wouldn't expect too many problems. And I've found that shifting is a matter of preference. I thing Honda automatics suck, but some folsk swear by them.

How much can a nissan titan 05 5.6V8 pull in tow and payload?

And it's only $1500. Not only that, around here it's the Mexican's transportation of choice for their families. They all can't be wrong.
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