Who here is holding out hoping everybody else will get one of those cheesey hybrid cars?

Maybe with more of those cracker jack box cars out there. The price of gas will go down.Then I can pass every one of them in my door slammer.I can't hardly wait.


Is autobahn known for people driving fast on it?

don't want one give me my gas guzzler

whats the meaning of these letters BMW ?

That's the American way! I won't stop what I'm doing, so you hae to stop it so I can live easier.

When driving a standard, do you put the clutch in every time you use the break, or only if you are stopping?

Watch "Who Killed the Electric Car." Seriously.

what is the legal torque on a car that you can have?

not me

How is the Subaru Car an about the Hyundai, Toyota, ect?

Its either one thing or the other with the car companies, so gas will go down, but what about electricity?

what kind of car do i have?

wont happen, because even if demand goes down, OPEC will just cut back on their supply production and keep the prices where they are. if this didnt work then nobody in business would be able to make money. my advice, you have to choose between saving money with a hybrid, or paying a little more for power.

as the tyres on cars & motorcycles wears off , what happens to all the rubber.?

I am. I'm holding out for the Lexus hybrid. There's a long waiting list. I'll save on gas in the city, but kick your as$ on the highway. Not a cheap car--but I can afford it.
I'm trying to save the planet for my daughter and as soon as there are cars that don't require any gas, I'm on that list.
It's actually sad for you that you only care about yourself and how hard your door slams.
I'd rather have a constipated as$ than a constipated mind like yours.

How much gas/hr does my 6 cyl 3.2 liter car burn at idle?

hell no! not me either

What is the redline for the 1991 Nissan 300ZX N/A 2+2?

I'd get one if it weren't for the fact that my SUV is worth like $5 (and it's an 06!). :-) I'd need about 15 grand to trade this thing in. But you're right - hopefully gas will go down in the future and it won't be so bad...
I don't really want a little car that's good on gas. I got kids and golf clubs to haul around, so I'll pay for it at the pump. :-)

in florida need info for cdl license process?

By that time, there will be no gas, you will be at the side of the road, and we will blow you off the road with our nuclear powered fliers.

i am looking for a sample of a Driving license from Nepal and Bangladesh?

Are they cheesy? I LOVE cheese! Yum!
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