4 wheel drive/All wheel drive?

What is the difference between the two (if any) and which is better (for slick icy roads).


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Remember, when you have to use your brakes in snow and ice, it doesn't matter. I drove in a Blizzard with my front wheel minivan from Detroit to London (Canada). On the 140 miles trip I saw every quarter mile a car right or left of me stuck in the snow covered fields. Mostly SUV's.
You go to Switzerland, where people really know how to drive in bad conditions, there aren't much 4 wheel drives. A front wheel car, good tires and knowing, what you do is the best.
4 wheels use up to 20 % more gas, if engaged.

What kind of car is this?

4 wheel drive you can turn off and on or shift in and out of 4 wheel drive. all wheel drive is all the time it is always engaged. 4 wheel drive would be better because you decide when it is in 4wd. hope this helps

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With a four wheel drive you can choose either 2-wheel drive or "lock" it in 4-wheel drive. All wheel drive means all 4 wheels can provide power for traction at all times. When you have slick icy roads either will fail. As the other person responded about front wheel drive, it's great in many conditions. For either one though(four wheel, all wheel or front wheel drive), I prefer studded snow tires for the main power wheels during the winter months.
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