Anyone else think those carbon fiber hoods look ridiculous?


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What's your take on the new Dodge Avenger '08?

I would have to give you a firm "kinda." I think they look ridiculous when nothing else is done, or along with a huge wing on a FWD car or anything else that would make a physics professor kick you in the nuts.

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HOWEVER, the hood on some cars is very heavy and replacing it with something lighter weight does make the vehicle faster, if only very slightly.

Oldsmobile Trade In?

What I think is ridiculous looking is a normal hood painted flat black on a car that's not black.

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But then I'm over forty and I don't need to impress anyone.

Car/window paint?

Saves weight? as noted below...Crap, how much can a stock Honda Civic hood weigh? 7 pounds?

Why do cars with automatic transmission have more curb weight than cars w/ manual transmissions?

Carbon fiber maybe 5 pounds. WHEW!! you saved 2 pounds.

What motivates people to take their classic car to a car show?

Absolutely, I don't car what you do to your civic, my mustang would own it and for half the price. In about 3 weeks I'll have my 71 charger painted and then we'll go ricer hunting. Mind you i think that the amount of power people are capable of getting out of these tiny motors is quite impressive.

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not just look ridiculous but they are auctally very expensive and not as safe as the stock sheet metal hood!

Why do the trains running thru the Houston/Bellaire,TX area stop & leave their engines on all night?

naw I don't think they look ridiculous. On certain cars they do, but they also serve a purpose. Carbon fiber is an extremely lightweight material, saving a lot of weight that you would carry with a stock hood. So I can really go either way, although in the future I'm buying one for my car, so take it as you want.

Car or truck has higher drag? why?

yeah I think they look gay. They should outlaw them.

Car's pulling power?

yes it looks like crap ya know.

What is the fasters car ever made?

Well it's just opinion to whoever you ask,I have one on my 06'mustang for looks,functionality,and purpose of shaving off dead weight.If you think it looks ridiculous..then ok don't buy one.As for price there cheaper than buying a fiberglass hood then paying to have it painted!It's all a opinion,just like dual exaust on a honda?? by the way before anyone claims carbon fiber a honda thing,It was created by NASA!!
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