Approximately how long would it take to drive 250 miles?

Thanks in advanced.


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if you drove 60 MPH it would take 4.16 hours, if you were driving at 30 MPH it would take you 8.33 hours if you were driving 120 MPH it would take you 2.8 hours

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About 5 hours. A 50 MPH average is reasonable to cover traffic and rest area stops.
15+ year truck driver.

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Too many variables to answer it safely. Traffic, road conditions, road construction, vehicle condition, driver abilities.

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For the most part 4.5 hours

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Depends on traffic. No traffic, about 3hr 45min.. to be on the safe side

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At 60mph it would take 4.16 hours (4hours and 26 minutes) at 70 mph it would take 3.5 hours. at 80 it would take 3 hours and ten minutes.

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How fast are you going? 50 MPH = 5 hours 60MPH = a bit over 4 hours 70 MPH = around 3 1/2 hours

Is this something to worry about?

atleast 4 hrs if u go by 65 miles/hr speed.

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I usually take 2 minutes to make a mile. But maybe I drive to fast?? NO speeding tickets and I travel alot so who knows

Could it handle it?

well if you are going 60 mph it will take 250 min. it depends if your traveling highway or city

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ben has the answer..if you just get in the car and dont stop you can do it in 4 .5 hrs.. but i often drive 200 miles to a hospital and i give myself 4 average of 50 mph including 1 stop..

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i own a shop,and we go to north Carolina to visit,and from our drive way to a friends drive way its 259 miles ,and we do it in 4 1/2 hours,every time,so it can easily be done in around 4 hours because my wife makes me slow down a lot on the mountain roads,good luck,i hope this help,s.
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