Are go karts good fun?

are go karts good fun to race because i am thinking about building one and if you have any advice please could you let me know


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omg yes. they are the most funt things in the world. there quick and the turn on a dime. they are the most fun you will ever have. i suggest getting on dirt and doing spin outs.

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they are a blast...use a chain guard

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i still love them and i'm almost 30!

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the best part about them is that no matter what is going on, you use it and you're in a great mood after. i find myself laughing the entire time.

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Yeah. Karts are fun. Do you mean building one to race on track, or just a play thing for messing around on Fields.

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Personally i think you'd enjoy banger racing more. Give that a try.

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yes. u can make money off of them. they are so much fun. i love riding in go karts when im on vacation. i say go 4 it! hopei could help!

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go-karts are soooo fun . . .but be careful not to go too fast round corners or your will skid and crash! they make good parties for young and old people . . . .you have to go-kart once in your life

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Not sure about the building of a kart, but the racing is great fun. We used to go to the karting track at Brands hatch. It is exciting and fast, plus relatively safe. You do however need to watch out for your back. saw a few bumps in which people hurt their back if shunted in the rear!

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Have fun and keep safe!

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Yes its realy fun but before you commit yourself to building one why dont you go to a go kart track where you can rent one and try it out.

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Go karts are a blast to drive. However, you cannot drive them on any public roads so you need private roads or tracks to drive them on. Because of this, you need a trailer or good sized truck to transport them. Additionally, it'll be hard to get mechanical help on them, but if you're planning to build it yourself.

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On the other hand, you can get enduro dirt bikes that can be street legal as well. They're even more fun to ride and you can drive them on public and private roads.

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go karts are ace , try going to a track and u will know for your self then but quads and crossers are even better
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