Are the Driving Standards agency entitled to cancel my practical driving test because i was eight minutes late

I got my times mixed up unfortunately and i got to my test 8 minutes late where i was told that it was too late to do my test. All i want to ask is whether i should be entitled to a free retest or not?
I am based in the UK


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Unfortunately for you, you will have to book and fund a retest yourself. The examiner has got 5minutes after the test is due to start for you to arrive if you are running late. Each examiner has got a tight time schedule to stick by, 57 minutes to be exact. Within this 57 minutes they must meet you, check paperwork, walk to car, eyesight check, show and tell, explanation of drive, then the actual drive (lasting 38minutes) and finally back to test centre for de breif and write out your pass certificate (hopefully). So that is why they have odd start times. The examiner has been given their guidlines by the government and not make them up themselves!

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Hopefully when you book your other one you will get an appointment letter which you must keep safe!

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Hope this helps, good luck with test.

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if you was late its your own fault the only thing you can do is book a retest

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sorry mate, you will have to pay again. all tests are supposed to leave the test centre at the same time....usually 2 Min's past the hour or another silly time like that. the examiner still had to be paid.

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Yes, they are allowed to do that. This is why they set the time and date, It is up to you to make sure you get there on time.

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If not, a lot of people will show up late and they will have no control over it.

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Sorry man, you have to re-schedule the appointment.

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I hope you pass!

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I know nothing about the Driving Standards agency in the UK (in America, I'd wager you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that does), but your [first] question was whether they have the right to cancel your test when you show up late. More specifically, when you don't show up on time.

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Of course they have the right to cancel when you're late - you already knew that. Your second question concerns whether you get a free retest (I assume you paid for the first one and are thus out that money). This is a question for the Agency, not for anyone here. You're asking a Right/Wrong question, when you should be asking are you *entitled* to a free retest, and that isn't something anyone here is likely to answer with conviction.
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