6 inch suspension lift vs 3 inch suspension lift?

i have a 2006 4wd Toyota Tacoma Double Can Short Bed with the off road package, i was wondering what suspension lift i should get, a 6 or a 3, im planning to get 35 inch tires and i use my truck as a daily driver, muddin, going to the desert, hitting the dunes on the beaches etc


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if your set on a 35" tire--you have no choice and but to go with a 6" lift. A 3" lift will only allow a 32" to be used with out hitting. Make sure you get the travel stops so that the tires don't strike the body.

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Throw all the money you want at it, sunshine, you are still going to get stuck. Ask yourself how exactly did the allied armies operate all over North Africa 60+ years ago without Japanese
package sales and 35 inch wide tires? What did fighting men
carry on their rigs that didn't include suspension lifts? What is your big noodle thinking?

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6 inch - BIGGER is better.
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