Are chevrolet corvettes post 1998 reliable cars?

if not what should I look for?


How to legalize parking my new car in london?

the LS series motors are excellent engines. It should run for a long time. Just so long as you don't neglect it.
It is a GM and they have a reputation for less than great interiors. Not as much anymore, but they were often called rattle boxes. but mechanically the thing is great.

I dont get a red arrow on a traffic light?

depends on how it was cared for . . any car can be reliable if it is properly maintanced. . ask to see the maintance records . .

I wanted to purchase second hand ALTO except black colour not older then 2003, i want it from pune,nashik,naga

They are very reliable! I have a 1996 coupe and it hasn't ever failed me! I have 55,000 miles on it and it still runs like new!

I am a truck driver, can someone tell me when the poles make me unemoloyed?

Yes, the C-5's are pretty good cars..
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