Any long term effects that might result from swithching car off while going down hill?

Are there any long term effects that could result by me swithching my car off while going down hill,then starting it again.I do this mostly to save on gas,I also switch btwn neutral and drive while going down hill,coz where I live some places I can cruise upto a mile with the engine turned of or on Idle.I drive an acura legend,automatic year 1991


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I wouldn't switch the engine off. You loose power steering and power brakes with the engine off.

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No. It won't hurt it.
I used to do it on my 1985 Celica GT. Had longgg gentle slopes too.

What do you think?

LMAO that is stupid! You do more long-term stress to your engine and ignition system by doing that, not to mention any gas savings you might get are negligible at best. The 3 dollars you save in gas over a years time will be made up for by the hundreds of dollars you pay to replace your starter.

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Stick with shifting into neutral for downhills, but don't turn the engine off.

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If it was a manual it would be ok, but Even in neutral the tranny is still spinning inside. Make sure you leave you motor running so your tranny will keep pumping ATF. Other than that it is ok, But It is against the law to coast in neutral well at least it is in my state.

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In an emergency without the, you don't want to go there.

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Bad on transmission and drive train period.

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Changing your spark plugs every 6 months is a better way to get mpg, tire pressure, etc

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Portions of the automatic trans are still turning when you do this. The problem is, the trans' oil pump is not. Bad idea.
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