Are struts and shocks same thing?what are signs of bad struts?


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No, they aren't exactly the same thing. Bad struts will show on tire wear, alignment, excessive bounce.

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there a little bit different,struts have the springs on them and shocks mount alone with out having springs on them,struts also do more work they also have a big affect on alignment ,shocks and struts both absorb the hard thump that other wise you would feel if they wasn't there, a sign of bad struts,is you can bounce the car with your hand,and if it bounces over two times or keeps bouncing they are bad,same test goes for shocks also,good luck, hope this help,s.

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Struts basically do the same thing shocks do but they are smaller to fit into the engine compartment better with the advent of front wheel drive and engines trying to fit into smaller underhood spaces. The way to tell bad struts if you have put more than 30,000 miles on the original set or since your last change of struts. Bad struts can cause a lousy ride, poor handling and above all increase your stopping distances which can be dangerous.

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nope struts and shocks are not the same thing when a strut goes bad which ever side its on it will pull that way really bad

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Struts are designed to carry the weight of the vehicle and act as a shock absorber. A shock is only a shock absorber. A bad strut will cause poor road handling an cause excessive wear on other front end parts if on the front. If it is on the rear it will also cause poor handling and less stability when in a turn at highway speeds.

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basicly the same struts generally have coil springs shocks do not but there are struts that do not have coil springs around them.signs are bouncy ride,bottoming out over bumps,leakage from around strut piston,look for moist dirt or fluid running down strut or shock.also vehicle may bounce and jump around which will cause unstable steering

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Struts are made up of the shock and the spring mounted together. It also takes the place of the upper control arm, so it's crucial to steering and stability. Bad struts usually feel the same as bad shocks - the shock is the part of the strut that usually goes first.
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