Are Toyota Celicas and Supras similar? If so, how?

Are they basically the same car? What difference is there?


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Early models were, yes. I think it was called the Celica supra. Then the Supra took off on it's own.... a sportier . higher performance car. The value of a Supra .. certain years .. can be very high. A great classic auto !

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They were the same at first. Then they became their own cars and then both became discontinued.

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Presently, the Supra is a fairly powerful sports car, whereas the Celica is more of a family type automobile

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From 1979 to 1986 they shared the same platform. They had different suspension, engines and front end sheet metal. In 1987 the Supra went out on its own as more of a true sports car, as opposed to the GT that it had been.
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