1949 Buick... someone please help me!!??

I have a 1949 Buick sedan with a straight 8 cylinder in it and i need parts like tail light lenses, headliner, bulbs, ect..any ideas where i could find these?websites??


In 1900, what fraction of cars in NYC were powered by electricity? a) 1/8, b) 1/2, c) 1/3 or d) none.?

go to the nearest junk-yard and start talking and get the parts counter dude to order online/locator and if that yard will not work for you then go to the next place ---- let your fingers do the walkin' in the jellow pages of the phone book and you do the talkin' --good luck

How do hybrid cars work?

Hemmings Motor News Get the magazine they have at finer stores everywhere..its also on line...but the mag has much more

Can I place my external EZ-Pass tag on my back plate instead of in the front?


Is Convertible cars good or not?

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