Anyone know a good site to go to that tells exactly how to properly and fully detail a car?

And specifically what kinds of tools and liquids, etc. are needed? I am wanting to find specifics, and detailed step-by-step instructions. Thanks.


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No, I don't know of a website, but to detail a car: Hand wash it using a good, liquid carwashing soap. then, hand dry the whole thing with a chamois, which is big sheet of suede. Then, wax it with a carwax like turtlewax, which comes in a little can with an applicator sponge. Use a very fine, soft cloth to buff the wax off. Then, shine the tires with Black Magic spray or gel. Clean the rims thoroughly with paper towels and either glass cleaner, or a cleaner specifically made for the metal your rims are made of. Clean the windows, inside and out using glass cleaner and wadded up newspaper. for the interior, for a full detail, clean the a/c vents and crevices in the dash(around stereo, a/c controls, etc.) with a paintbrush, and armorall the dash, doors, trim, and vacuum the floors and seats. If the seats or floors have stains, use an interior upholstery cleaner and a stiff bristle brush, and a wet cloth to rinse with. Follow all directions on containers, and your car should look like close to new. Have fun. it'll take all day!
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