Any tips for passing the driver's test?

I'm about to get my license, and the nearest BMV is really tough. Any tips on how to be, one of the few, who pass it the first time?


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First tip is to stay calm, think before you react. Remember to put on your seat belt before starting car, also make sure the patrolman (instructor), has his/her belt on also. Turn signals, turn signals, turn signals.use them, if you are taken to a highway remember to use your signals going on to the ramp and exiting on to highway. No jerky movements..brakes and smashing the accelerator! Imagine the instructor is your parent, just out on a nice little cruise. Take a deep breath and just drive like you were taught, don't think too much or you'll end up second guessing yourself! Have fun with it and Good Luck, you'll be fine.

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Don't stop too far BEHIND the stop signs. I was docked points for that.

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I almost failed my driving exam because i did not use my blinker eveytime i pulled into or out of somewhere , take a deep breath and focus on what your suppose to be doing, and good luck

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keep your cool at all times put both hands on the wheel check ur mirrors alot and dont forget to use ur signal lights. good luck

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Don't get ahead of yourself and cocky thinking its a piece of cake.What ever you do don't forget about that last stop sign.I was doing so good and I knew I was.As soon as he said OK you passed go pool up along side the building so I did.When I pooled up he said you failed I said but you said I passed,you did up until the point when you did not come to a complete stop at that stop sign I said what stop sign and he pointed to the one right where he told me to pool up to the building. The worse thing about it,was my husband told me about that last stop sign.All I head was you passed.
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