4 flat trailer harness..running lgt,L turn, R turn, ground..brake no brake light on trilaer how do u wire bra

wire as directed,,,color coded and labeled no wire for brakes...and have no brake lights on trailer everything else works...what gives ??


HELP PLEAse.......?

if it is not an import the turn signal fillament will be the brake light.on the import it has a seperate bulb.domestic 2 fillament bulbs are quite common (lights)&(turn and/or stop) all in one bulb

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Go out an get a new wiring kit or new lighting system and it is colored coated. You have a green, brown, yellow,and a white wire.
Brown- running light
Green-either right turn signal or left
Yellow-either left turn signal or right
White ground
Just match the wires and you'll be ok
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