Approximately how many highway miles to the gallon would I get from a 2003 Hyundai Elantra?

I dont need anything exact, just an estimate. Thanks.


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What size engine? You could get anywhere from about 23 MPG to 34/36 MPG and that would also depend on the speed you are driving. With my Hyundai Tiburon V6 2.7 L I get 24 MPG at 80 MPH on interstate driving. On secondary roads driving 50/55 MPH I have gotten almost 30 MPG.

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anywhere from 20 to 27 depending on your driving habits.

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If you drive normal 30-33 mpg, if you think you need to outrun everybody or only have 10 seconds to make it from one light to another a lot less.

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The most highway mpg's you'll probably see out of the Elantra is 33mpg and at best about 479 miles on a tank of gas. However, when you factor in the car's condition and driving habits, these numbers may drop to around 30mpg highway and maybe 450 miles on a tank of gas.

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33 MPG (highway)

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In a 4 stroke spark ignition engine,?

2003 Hyundai Elantra
Fuel Economy
Fuel Type Regular
MPG (city) 24
MPG (highway) 33
MPG (combined) 28
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