Which is the quietest automobile?

the one with the least amount of road noise or engine noise.


ok new problem with the car?

Fords. Cars that don't run don't make any noise.

Has anyone taken Power off Road to Court ?

Actually, my guess would be a Honda or one of the electric hybrids.

Any suggestion which type of racing car models are less common and more value to get for my bf as B.day gift?

Probably the Lexus, LS450 4 door sedan.

top ten tuner cars?

one thats not running

airline pilot does not know how to drive a car , is this possible?


What does it mean to blow the brains out of your car?

haha i like whoever said that about the fords. that was pretty good.

Does anyone know of an online car customizing site, like all cars just for fun.?

my guess would probably be a hybrid.

How many automobile drivers in USA?

full size sedan four dr town car, iimport fullsize lexus400class. from my exper.

Why do a--hole drivers slowly react to green lights when there are many people waiting behind them?

Rolls Royce used to claim that the loudest thing about their cars was the clock

I have a licence plate number is there any way I can find out who it belongs to?

Its got to be either a Rolls Royce or the new Bentley. The noisiest part of the Rolls and Bentley make is the hiss of the tires on the tarmac. Like the quip about the Fords.

Is there any Hybrid Car that has a manual transmission?

Skoda Superb!
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