A buddy of mine told me a Turbo and a Turbo Charger are two different things. Is this true?

And if so, what are the difference?


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they are exactly the same thing. kinda like a friend named jeffery, jeff is the same thing just shorter. turbo is shorter than turbo charger.

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your buddy's wrong, they are both the same thing.

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well he doesnt kno any thing they are the same thing

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Turbo and super chargers are different. Turbo is exhaust driven, super is crankshaft driven

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They are exactly the same thing. 'Turbo' is the short version of 'Turbocharger'.

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Stop getting automotive information from this guy. Turbos are turbochargers. What did he think was the difference?

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no, a turbo and a supercharger are different. Turbo uses exhaust pressure to create air flow into the engine, while a supercharger uses a belt drive off your engine to spin the turbine.

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They are the same. Give your friend a hug and tell him everything will be ok, then slap him in the back of the head.

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Your buddy's misinformed

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Turbo refers to the whole system and Turbocharger refers to the main blower(s).
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