modified mini's or pro fours..has any one else noticed that this class is dwindling down to nothing? We recently moved to the midwest from Nevada, and there doesn't seem to be a track that runs this class full time...anyone know why?


Does anyone know where i can get hold of a Citreon Zsara picasso owners handbook without having to go on e bay

the Midwest financially died and us country bumpkins here in the Midwest have to spend our money on more responsible things like our families. Coaster live'rs have a big market for tuner vehicles. Here they are form and function for the most part.

What are the black "ropes" that are laid out across a road?

people finally realized that there was too much money spent to still be going that slow. $10,000 on the motor in a civic and it still runs... high 14's? the people that still have the money to throw away can still build them, but the folks who want more bang for the buck are moving away from them.

Your best car to date?

why do you think i have to street race? ill answer for you theres no damn tracks any more theres fewer every damn day and no one wants to listen to us when we say build more tracks or make street raceing legal!
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