Any recommendations for a fast, reliable sat nav?

Looking for a fast reliable sat nav for van courier use. Pref one that's simple to use in order to save time. Any advice?


When was the fork lift truck invented?

anything other than navman! the tom tom 1 is v easy to use and v quick.

Is it illegal to have CLEAR side blinkers?

the new Tomtom or Garmin nuvi (this one has an mp3 player built in and a language translator and bluetooth) are both quite fast,both accurate 95% of the time.

Help needed- driving in the UK?

Garmin streetpilot 510c deluxe,fast ,accurate,tells you about traffic jams and where speed cameras are.You can carry it with you as it has an internal battery,and it comes with free lifetime upgrades.You can just put in a postcode and it will find where it is and an ETA,cost is about £199 from Halfords.Its the one I've got and i drive a HGV all over the country.

I am a first time car owner. What should I know about it, that is an absolute must?

I find Tom Tom excellent
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