Who would win a tug of war, a car with a 240 Horse power engine or 240 real horses?


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I agree with Pops that the horses would win. I think it would come down to traction more than power. The real horses have 960 hooves spread out all over. The car would likely spin the tires. I suppose this all assumes ordinary circumstances, no rain, no mud, probably not on pavement. Even if all the real horses laid down on their sides, I don't think the car would have the power to move them.

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the car because the horses would get tired before the car ran out of gas.

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240 REAL horses would win. An automobile engine that puts out 240 HP will lose a lot of power while the power is being transmitted through the drive train.

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I have NO figures but I would think that a 240 HP automobile engine would only have about 75% of it's horsepower by the time it gets to the drive wheels. Good luck. Pops

can anyone please give me?

All this is assuming that the car tires don't spin and horse feet don't slip.

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240 real horses as they have far more mass and weight than a car with a 240 hp engine for the car to try to pull. Yea, inertia.

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The horses would win because a car has only around 2000-3000lb of towing capacity. If a horse weighs 500lb, 240 horses would create 120,000lb. The mass and friction coefficients of the horses far exceed the car. No way in hell is the car going to win.

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Hence, it is not a competition for power, it is a competition for force.

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This has been a debate from long ago. The term horse power is actually just a base measurement. 1 horse power is how much work can be done in a certain amount of time. 1 horse power = 33,000 foot-pounds per minute. in other words a horse could move 330 lbs 1000 feet in 1 minute. To get the answer to your question refer to the link I have provided.

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A horse ways 500 pounds? No. A small horse weighs around 1,000 pounds, a big horse weighs more like 2,000 pounds. 240 tons of horse against a 2 ton car.

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Actually it was 1000 pounds lifted 33 feet. The number is the same, but it is based on a pit pony pulling a coal wagon up an incline out of a pit.

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In a tug of war the power isn't the most important thing. A car is geared to go fast, not to pull like crazy. I'd expect a team of eight heavy horses would be able to pull a car, the car just wouldn't have enough traction.

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"Horsepower" is a mathmatical calculation.
The Formula includes factors of SPEED and torque.

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The animals can produce Force while Motionless.
Car cant.

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240 Horses would not only Win,,,
they could drag a 240hp car,,or a 2,400Hp car Backwards

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Ever think how much 240 horses WEIGH?
1,000lbs each? average Thoroghbreds & Quarterhorsies
240,000 Pounds?

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Big Draft Horses,,Clydesdales,Belgians,P...
Over 2000 lbs each.
240 of them,,,over 500,000 Lbs

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What's WILDER than that Trouncing Horses can put on Cars,,
Is to see a 25Yd Drag race between a QuarterHorse or Thoroughbred and,,,,
anything you can drive or trailer to run against it.

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In most instances,,the Horse is DONE by the time the vehicle moves forward at all

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Motorcycles do even Worse against horses.

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Horse can run 45~50mph,in about 2 lengths.
1st step/reaction is near 20mph
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