Americans fooled by foreign car commercials?? idiots?

you actually believe everything you see on t.v. huh? just wait until your BMW or Lexus needs repairs, you'll need a home equity loan dumbos. Enjoy !


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if these cars are so good then why do you see a lot of problems on here im not seeing as many probs with american cars as i do foreign wiring probs, noises,how do you fix,etc. It seems like these high end cars are falling apart as fast as you fix them and half of people dont know how to work on them i work in an auto parts store and the price for these high end cars are out of this world.($300---$600)for a fuel pump? I get a kick out of alot of the people that drive these things, they come in with their chest out and tell me they got for example 1990 bmw with 30,000 miles and they have no fuel to the engine and they keep talking like the car is the best thing since sliced bread and hes the coolest guy around cuz he owns it. but when you tell em what its going to cost to fix($350 fuel pump and fuel filter) he starts to act like a guy with a rusty vw beetle. meanwhile in the back of my mind im thinking of my 88 chevy pickup 250,000 miles and still running strong ($40 fuel pump) But then if you can afford to drive them you can afford to fix them i guess

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Wrong... You get a full service package when you buy a high end car like that. My 745LI got all the treatment it needed for three full years, all free with the car. Window stopped working correctly, and I took it in and they fixed it, no questions asked.

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No he's right. Wait until your great warranty runs out. Than watch how fast everything stops working and how much it costs to fix it. Why do you think you see all that overpriced,overrated junk for sale after only four years of use.
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