According to recent survey conducted by AAA, Auto Club,?

According to recent survey conducted by AAA, Auto Club,
the drivers of what luxurious automobile was considered the least courteous
on the American highways?


I am going to college and will not be able to afford my car payment any longer, are there companies...?

a bmw

Which is better a V6 or an inline 4? I am leaning in the Acura/Honda direction.?

i seen that also ,and it just makes you wonder if there isn't some truth to it,but they did the survey ,and i don't know what area they did it in,but the percentage was really high on this,and id say in a way it could be true to a certain point,but it could be that way in any place also,me,i haven't had any problems from any of the larger ones,i work on most of them though,so maybe there just being nice ,but i live in a place where there's a lot of them,and you don't ever hear anyone say anything about it around my home town,good luck,i hope this help,s.
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