Which is the most environmentally family car on the market?


Top Speed of Stock Cars?

It would have to be a hybrid model. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid seats seven and is regarded as an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV)

Need new mini van, any brand, must be able to add wheelchair lift accessibile?

i didn't even know there was one. If so, why aren't all cars made like that?

what is a radar use for in a car?

any of ther hybrids

What is somethings I could do to increase power and fuel efficiency on a 1986 Thunderbird at low cost?

fred flintstones, suppose its in some rich beggars collection somewhere?

What jobs involve driving really hot new cars all day long? This would be my dream job?

Since 1997, the toyota prius, in the US and japan.
Since 2001, the Reva, in India
Since 1998, the chatenet cars in france.

How much should I pay for a lower front control arm?

Well it's NOT the Prius for a start, just watch any motoring programme to tell you that.

How many axles are legal in California?

And as for all those electric/hybrid ones, what are all you Enviromentalists going to do with all those old batteries?

Who turns the cats eyes in the road in front of the car?

Looking after the enviroment isn't just about something that uses less petrol, you have to look at the big picture and that's where most of these so called enviromentally friendly cars fall down.

Rims to fit on my car.?

They cost more and cause more damage during manufacturering than normal cars, in tests are the same or worse than most modern engines for fuel consumption and are FAR worse when it comes to disposing of them.

HD fourth gear normal or not?

Don't waste your money, buy a economical petrol or diesel knowing your making a better world and put all your green efforts into other ways such as recycling.

I once got told I drive like a man..........?

is there such a thing, even electric powered cars need charging.

Engine wise, gas consumption wise, and price for basic model pick up truck , what is better Chevy or GMC?

If on a budget, try a modern small engined car such as the smart brand. They have small efficient engines and come in 2 seat, 4 seat and convertible models. They also have the advantage of paying less annual road tax
As everyone is saying the alternative if you have a healthy budget is a Hybrid Electric. These are now manufactured by several of the main Companies and also benefit from reduced annual road tax. (They are also cool to listen to driving past!.)
The other option is to get an LPG powered car, again Manufactured by the main companies but I don't know about the tax advantages.

Can I rent a car in CA from Enterprise or any other company with a restricted driver's license?

Toyota Land Cruiser
Nissan Pathfinder
Ford GT
Lamborghini Murcielago

where can i find low bridges to down load on to my sat nav?

It depends on your reference point for the environment, and also on the type of driving you do.

Do more people die every year due to car accidents or boat related accidents?

For urban driving an electric car or hybrid will produce less emissions when driving. However, the emissions from an electric car depend upon how your electricity is generated.

Performance Chip?

For higher-speed or constant speed driving, a modern diesel car will produce less emissions while driving.

If you had to create a car that would rival the iconic status of The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard...?

However, the simpler the car, the less emissions produced during its manufacture, so in this case a Jeep is more environmentally friendly than a hybrid.

What size differential?

Also, the closer the car is assembled to your home, the less emissions produced getting the car to you.

how many miles is it between postcode CT13 0PB and TN23 5NX?

So it all depends on where you live, what sort of driving you do, how long you intend to keep the car, how many miles you do.
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