3 piece wheel?

What is a 3 piece wheel for cars?


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Most of the time the term "3 piece wheel" pertains to a aftermarket rim that comes in three pieces. These rims are mostly used in racing environments and are highly expensive. The rims are put together with studs and are usually termed as billets.This system was first used in racing so that if only one part of the rim was damaged it could be taken off and replaced without buying a whole new rim. If you would imagine a pie cut into three even pieces then put back together again perfectly then you'd have a 3 piece rim. You may have seen rims with studs all the way around the edges almost where the tire starts, but these are all mostly imitation 3 piece rims and are for looks. You'll know when you come across the real deal. These rims are one of a kind and like no other seen.

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Yes these rims come in sets of 4 as do usual 1 piece
rims. Each rim has 3 pieces to make it one solid round rim. In all totaling
4 rims. Which in pieces, adds up to 12 pieces. They usually come
pre-assembeled and are only taken apart as needed. Depending on where you buy, if
damages occur some places will sell you the piece needed while others
will make you buy the whole setup (3 pieces). Hope I was of some help.

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Also, I believe with the rim market on such demand they make these rims up to 24 inches now.

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They are mags, you will see them on race cars a bit. There is the outer where the tyre sits on the inner ie. spokes and the other where the rim bolts to the spokes
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