Are the cars for real on Pimp My Ride?

Just wondered if the cars they transform on PImp My Ride are genuine cos they rae a;ways absolute heaps and probable death traps. Don't they have to have MOT's in America like we do in the UK?


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yeah they are real...

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i dont know but i reckon the insurance would be really really expensive for them.

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I'd also like to know the answer to this question. How do the owners afford the cost of insuring all the expensive equipment that's installed. They usually live in reduced circumstances, in run down areas, which is why they get chosen. Would you want that car at risk on your driveway? Do they just sell the car and keep the money?

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the cars are definately for real. theres probably alot they dont put on the show though like paperwork,licenses and that kind of stuff. they must check that theres no major damage to the driveline, suspension, engine and all that cause they dont do anything to them on the show. haha beats me how they do what they do

Beautiful pale coloured vintage-look new sports cars with soft tops?. Does anyone know what they are?

Yeah, they're real. But then have you seen the embarrasing UK version? I'm not much for modding cars, but bloody hell. At least the yanks version involves proper heavy cars, not Novas and a wannabe-DJ...

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oh yes there real alright and heaps of cow dung are most of the projects,great programme ,but you can spend 50grand on a ride in wheels and sounds and M.D.F. but you cannot make the car last any longer than it was when custom-ed

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The answer to the MOT in the USA ;
in California if you buy a car it must be checked for road worthiness and it doesn't get checked again until it changes owners, you could have a car for ten years and it wouldn't get checked until it was sold, I don't know if this applies to any other states
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