After being in a car accident and having one of the passengers die can you choose to not have it in the paper?

Theres this crazy story going around about some kid that was in a car accident in the middle of brooklyn NY. and his car got hit by an 18wheeler and his car rolled 10 times off a cliff. IN THE MIDDLE OF BROOKLYN!! PLEASE tell me if this is possable. Now there saying that its not in the paper because the family chose for it not to be, I thought it had to be in the paper you could only choose to not have the names givin out. Right?


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Public knowledge is public knowledge. I'm under the understanding that news gets put in the paper regardless. Maybe you could beg and plead w/ the cops or the newspaper officials, but even home foreclosures and people who don't pay their property taxes go in the paper for all the world to see.

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I want to see the cliffs in Brooklyn. email me a pic of that!

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I'm kind of like you i didn't think there was a choice on this,its public news so i thought it would be in the paper also,similar things have happened where i live at,and its always been published,so id say it could go either way on this one,it would depend on who it was and the circumstances around it whether or not they actually published it,good luck i hope this helps.

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I don't believe there is much choice. Names may be withheld pending notification of next of kin, but seems any accident resulting in a fatality is published.

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You are right. Freedom of the press rules. "Name being withheld at request of parents"

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As far as I know,the family of the deceased must be notified first,and any police investigation is finished, then the name of the person will be released to the public as news.

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You are incorrect! It is up to the parties involved and the newspaper. Any newspaper has the freedom to decide what they want to or not want to print for any reason. This is part of "free speech" and "freedom of the press" as written in the U.S. Constitution! A "cliff" in the middle of Brooklyn?

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as for a person that went to college for the media i know that for a fact that something like that would not be held from the media the name might if they are under the age of 18 but if they are over the age they can use names and the information would be released. as for a 18 wheeler hitting car it would not of rolled 10 times i would of been wrapped around the front of the truck..i have been to brooklyn so where in the hell is there a cliff

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I don't remember seeing a cliff in Brooklyn, but who knows. If you park your car on the interstate near Yankee Stadium, you'll think it hit a cliff. Life expectancy of a car there is in the minutes range.
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