A way to cut pollution??

i thought of a new way to cut the pollution from cars
right on the m25 the govt could do this... i thought of a turbine like machine that is facing the road and constantly sucking in air,which then runs through a filter and 'cleaner' air is dispersed from the top,also using a fan like device.thus sucking a lot of exhaust fumes into this machine and cleaing the air.
what u think? can it be done? iff its possible would the government take any notice? let me know what you guys think before i go any further.. thanks Dunnage9


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it might work but i dont think that the govt would use the money to do this b/c they r spending all of it in iraq it would also have to be done world wide to make any effect and the others countries dont have the money most dont even have the money to stop starvation

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Have a think.

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The energy needed to run such a machine would use up more natural resources than it saves.

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Nice try though

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It's a good way... i think it would work... but the gov... well... you know what their like... AND it WOULD use up ALOT of natural resourses! Much more that it saves... Then again, if you ask me... the world would be SO much better if cars weren't invented in the first place!

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Have a nice day!
: )

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It could be viable depending on how much electricity it took to run it. It would only be an extremely small contribution though.

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Doesn't sound safe to me. Too many variables, what about wildlife? Would small birds get sucked in too? The best thing is that we are thinking about it now and trying to do something about it.

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That's a stupid idea.

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A better solution would be to stop the pollution in the first place by getting people out of cars and into public transport.

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Maybe some sort of road charging would help.

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Hi Dunnage9, i think your idea theoretically sounds logical but like many others may think i feel we would cause more dammage generating the power to run such a huge extractor. I think the M25 would be better used for deliveries & public transport only. Congestion charges is not the short or long term answer either, if the charges were put into a pot along with gov'ment support to create enrgy saving public transp't in & out of London, i think the public would'nt mind so much.

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you know that your life is on the line if you can come up with a power source fuelled by a recyclable or regenerative source,you will have to take on the oil barons if ya want to create a better fuel ,good luck
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