1939 dodge passenger car?

I am restoring a 1939 dodge passenger car. I need a few parts(rubber replacement parts around doors, windws) does anybody Know where i can find parts or accesories at in Arkansas?


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Good luck, I have a 39 Chevy I am working on it is and has been a long search hard search for a lot of parts I need, web searches, Hemmings and Ebay are the best bets, trying to find stuff local is going to be a lot harder than finding throughout the US (and Canada) and having it shipped to you. I know there is nothing in my area for my car.
Just did a quick yahoo search and found this right away (link is based in Canada).

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Not in Arkansas, but check with Hemming Motor News website at
http://www.hemmings.com/ for advertisers that reproduce these parts and will ship to you.

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Get a copy of Hemmings and that book has just about anything in it.

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go to your near by junk yard, go into the office, and ask if they have the parts you are looking for. If not, ask them to ask on the parts network teletype system, and see if some one some whare, may have them. If so, there are a few options for getting them quickly to you
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