"Shift 2.0"?

What does it mean when dealing with cars and someone says "Shift 2.0"?


How many days can you leave your car on the side of the freeway in california before it is towed?

When Nissan said Shift 2.0, they are talking about the second generation of new designs.

Why did the gas prices jump again ?

Nissan redesigned the following:
Maxima, Altima, Sentra, Quest, Xterra,

Is there anywhere i can watch lost season 2 for free on line?

and added the following to the line-up:
Versa, Altima Hybrid.

What does dumping the clutch mean?

Nissan upgraded their line-up. Calling it version 2.0 and their slogin is Shift.

If Honda's Toyota's and other Jap junk?

So, they came up with Shift 2.0
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