Who does the emission tests?

Does the mechanic or the owner pass the car? I'm confused! Do you as the owner pass the car or do you bring it to a bodyshop and they fix whatever it needs and they pass the car?


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Any gas station, mechanic or dealership that displays the inspection sticker in front of their building can do it. But, check your car thoroughly before you bring it. If you fail it, some of them will just put an "R" for rejected and take your money. Most of them will fix the problem(s) to help it pass for a fee. Only places authorized by the state can inspect your car. If you are not sure, go to the dealership.

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The mechanic will run the test and then you can either fix the problems yourself or you can have them fix it. Then you take it back to have the test run again.

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For testing, it depends where you live. Some states you take it to a shop (one that's licensed to do inspections--they'll have a sign out), some states to a state-run emissions testing station. In Missour (for one) they have drive-by emissions testings out on the roadways, and they mail you the certificate if you pass!

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Your DMV website will have more details of what you need to do in your state.

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For repairs, though, you're on your own. You take it wherever you want to get it repaired, and then have it retested.

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ok if the shop you take it to is just an inspection station then the car is sent to a repair shop for the necessary repairs. but if the shop is a repair shop as well as an inspection station they do the repairs themselves. i also believe that they can remove your current sticker(if expired) and require you to get the work done before they will issue one.a body shop generally repairs just that the body of the car,what you would need would be a regular repair shop that works on all aspects of the car mechanically a; they may not even do repair work on car bodies as these are usually specialty shops called body shops!

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depending on where you live............usually the enviormential protection agency!

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The testing is done by state certified testing stations.

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You take your car to a certified mechanic and ask them to perform a emissions test, Do not take it to a body shop they can not help you. you should call different places that do the emissions test and get prices before you go any were

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The emissions testing takes place at an emissions testing facility. In most states these can be found near shopping centers, and often at gas stations. Many mechanics also do the emissions testing, and it usually costs around $25. The facility that you take it to has to pass or fail the vehicle. If it fails, then you have to get your vehicle repaired and get it tested again. If the cost of the repair is greater than a set amount (usually around $450), then you can get an exemption for your vehicle that cost around $250. These amounts vary by state and county, but should give you a good indication.
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