Am I screwed??

I leased a car in 2005. 4 years 48000 miles. Its two yrs later and I am already at 40000 miles!

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What can I do? Trade in early? Or what??

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What are my options here? Please HELP!


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You can go back to the dealer and renegotiate your lease. Your right on the screwed part... no matter what, you are going to end up paying more if you exceed the mileage - some people may tell you that you can disconnect the odometer, however this is not easily done on a newer car - the car's computer uses the speedometer information to determine when to shift the transmission among other things

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Find a car at that dealer you can purchase.
Strike a deal for them to buy out your lease if you purchase the car.

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It's all up to the lease agreement you signed. By ending the lease early you may have to pay a huge penalty. The penalty might or might not be better than the excess mileage charge you will be paying at the end of the lease.
I suggest looking over your lease agreement and see the stipulations then make your decision.

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sometimes you can "flip" this into a new lease. so, YES. Trade in early. If you run it over-miles, you will be charged per mile... check your paperwork, it's all there.
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