Are there any other states that have the "right turn on red" rule?

In Connecticut, it is legal to take a right turn at a red light as long as there is no danger in doing so. Do other states have this law too?


Wat does 4 low and 4 high stand for in a truck?

As far as I know, most states have it. New York state allows it, but it's not allowed within New York City.

Which of these cars would you rather go for?

california- yes
oregon- yes
washington- yes

This is a long shot anybody know the speed limits around Honiton?

Maine does.

How many minutes to drive if says 8 miles away?

We have it here in Illinois also.

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Just about all states do. I do not know of a state that does not. it's a simple rule of the road. your turning with the flow of traffic so there would be no reason why it would be illegal.

Where can i buy biodiesel in the uk?

Iowa has it

How exactly does a car trade in work?

Missouri and Illinois both allow right turns on red as long as you make a complete stop first.

Truck driver. i have my az. i can drive ok i have 5 months with the tractort trailor?

Louisiana does.

New paint and car covers?

Indiana, too.

How reliable are Toyota Celicas and how easy is it to get used to a littler car after driving a suv?

pennsylvania - yes
ohio - yes

Why is it that auto makers suggest that you don't drive your car agressively for the first 1,000 milees?

I know that Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee all allow turning right on red.

Do i need?

here in New Jersey, it's perfectly legal. i sometimes forget when i drive into NYC but so far i haven't gotten a ticket. *lucky*

Road Rage.....?


What is the most reliable manufacturer of fifth wheel RVs?

Right turn on red light is permitted after stop in all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Left turn on red light from a one-way road into a one-way road is permitted after stop in 42 states and Puerto Rico. There is no left turn on red light in South Dakota unless authorized by a municipal ordinance, in Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, or Guam. Left turn on red light from a two-way road into a one-way road is permitted after stop in Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Oregon and Washington only.

How long will it take before gas goes up to $5 a gallon?

In New York, there is no turn on red light in New York City or for school buses state-wide while carrying pupils.
After stop on red arrow lights, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Wyoming permit left turn from a one-way road into a one-way road and right turn. (Michigan, Oregon and Washington also permit left turn on red arrow after stop from a two-way road into a one-way road. New Hampshire prohibits left turn on red arrow.) There is no turn on red arrow in Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, New York, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico. Other state laws do not specify red arrows.

What is Habber-dasher>?

A No Turn on Red sign (US sign #R10-11) or other traffic control device (such as electronic display) may prohibit turns on red light. Some signs have time ranges, the words "When Pedestrians are Present", or the like. A Right Turn on Red after Stop sign or the like may specifically permit otherwise prohibited or non-apparent turns on red light.

Why can't we just stop and ask for directions?

In British Columbia and most provinces, You can also turn left on a red if turning from a one way street.. In all cases you must stop first..

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yes--all southeastern states after a complete stop. also. in Alabama it is legal to turn left on a one way street crossing from your right to left

I want to Import a 1965 Classic Rolls Royce from UK to India - is it possible??

Yes. Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Ohio that I know of but I'm sure that there are more.

Are Nissan Skylines and Toyota Supras Illegal in the US?

It's okay in AZ.
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