Anyone know of a place that does a NOT so thourough Maine Inspection?

I have a car where the driver's side windows doesn't go down in 1 shot (I think because it's not on the track right). If you go down once it stops about half way and then if you go up half an inch it gets it back on the track and then it will go down the rest of the way. I have a feeling most places would fail my car for an inspection for this reason (even though it's not a big deal). Does anyone know of any place near the Brunswick, Waterville, or Bangor (I'm through all 3 at least once a week) area that wouldn't really care about this?


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You are dealing with a safety issue. Just take the door panel off and correct the problem.

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anyone worth their inspectors licence would fail the car for this , just fix it , sorry .

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D I T T O.
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