About my drivers licence?

I have a permit from a State A and we had to move to state B.
I dint get another permit from state B. Its been around a year, since i moved. I got my permit from state A rewned recently with my old adress. If i go bak and get my licence from state A and get it trasfered to state B, is that against a law? and will i get in touble for doing that??


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It's just a driver's licence, kid.take it easy.

Can anyone help?

Just a guess, but I'm thinking you either will need to get a real licence from "State A", or else start all over with a new permit from "State B".

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Okay even though using state a and state b confused the hell out of me. You should be able to take your learners from state a to a local bmv in state b and get your license. Have one of your parents call a local bmv and see what they say.

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if state a left on a train from dallas, and train b left on a train from boise , which state would u be in.. no really i think some states will just transfer a liscense from your old state and issuse u one from the new state, but not all state have the same requirements so you may be required to take a whole new test.

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you can do that. Licenses are transferrable.

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Technically no, but why bother. Most states require you to obtain a license (or instruction permit) for their state within a certain time period after establishing residency.
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