How many times can you fail a permit test?

My friend said you can only fail it three times before you have to write a letter to the state, is he kidding? Is there a limit? i've failed twice today and I'm gonna study but what if I fail this next one?


car many choices?

3 times in most states

Name of the road that pioneers cleared west that was wide enough for wagons to pass?


what is your car?

I want to say it's 3 times in this state(MT)

How reliable is a TVR Cerbera on an R/98 plate?

Maybe you should try studying more. If you fail more than 3 times they should never give you your license. You should be embarrassed to even ask that question.
Maybe if you spent less time doing stupid things on the computer you would have a better chance.

what make was James Kim's car when it got stuck in Oregon Wilderness?

I would have to say 3 times in most states
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