Are platform shoes really so dangerous for driving?

Some time ago, a driver got killed because her platform shoes prevented her from braking in time.

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But why exactly couldn't she brake?
Is it really because of the sole thickness or more likely because of the driver herself (maybe she was not used to wearing such shoes)?


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Small floorspace, pedal's grouped together, shoe gets wedged easily.

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I think both. There is a thin line between have a "chunky" heel and having one that will restrict your leg movement.

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It just makes sens that the more crap you put between your foot and the brake, the more opportunity there is for a slip up, or for something to get caught, etc. It's not a death sentence, just common sense.

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platform shoes are just hidious to begin with no one should wear them the spice girls couldnt even pull it off come on now

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I've never had a problem driving in any kinds of shoes. Maybe her platform got stuck under her seat or something.but normally when we drive, our feet stay close to the pedals. Maybe she was just stupid.

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I would assume that it would be very difficult to drive with platforms on.It is bad enough walking in them

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I would say it's just as you said that the driver herself wasn't used to wearing such shoes. Otherwise I do not see how it could be that big of a deal. Any type of shoe could possibly get in the way of braking I suppose. I would think that high heel shoes would be more of a trouble maker than platform ones. Interesting question~

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bad for your health and dangerous

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A little of both.but what I do is just take the shoe off when I drive *shrug* that way i can be fashionable and safe

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Both factors probably played their part. Do what I do, drive with one pair of shoes, put another pair on before I get to work.

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Any big item like that down around your feet is not good when you're driving. Two things may have happened:

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- the shoe became loose or twisted, and she couldn't maneuver her foot to the brake quickly
- the shoe came completely off and got behind the pedal, preventing her from pressing it.

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IMPORTANT: A key thing to know is that even at moderate speed, a split second is a very long time. If you brake a split second before, you could just barely miss something. If you brake a split second later, you could plow into it with much more force. So, even if her shoes created just a very small problem for her getting to the brake, those split seconds may have made the difference between a near-miss and a terrible accident, and may have cost her her life.

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I'm thinking the soles were so thick and when she went to take her foot from the gas to the brake she didn't lift her foot high enough and it only hit the side of the brake instead of going on it. I used to wear platforms all the time, and I must say there were the most comfortable shoes to wear and dance it. My feet never hurt. I cannot see how they would be bad for your health. They offer a lot of support for your foot. You can twist your ankle though if the shoes don't fit properly. They are better than those tiny spike heels women used to wear all the time. Way too much stress was put on the ligaments of the foot and ankles with those things.

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Clogs are another issue. I was teaching a friend to drive and she wore clogs. She actualy slipped out of them and we went banging into a pole with a reflector on it. Thank God it was in a college parking lot and not out in traffic. I made her wear regular shoes after that.

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You are correct on both points. Even though the wearer may be used to wearing the shoes, their feet may wobble on the peddles and the driver may loose control.

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Better to have a spare pair of shoes to change into when driving.

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do people still were those anyway?
well anyway, thich soled shoes arent really great for driving. flat sole shoes are better, so u can apply more pressure on the brakes. even if you are wearing platform shoes , you can take them off while driving

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no, but just be EXTRA careful
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