Antistatic strap for cars?

Has anyone used one of these antistatic strap?
I really would like to get rid of static electricity in my car door?


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I've been sequestered in SE Asia to long to be aware of it but it sounds like a good idea. I can remember when they were common on 18 wheelers, especially Tankers.

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If vehicle grounding straps were installed on fuel pumps at Gas Stations it would save lives and equipment. It could be installed so it would have to be attached to the car before fueling. That's part of the procedure for fueling aircraft so it's not new.

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The frontal bra has two such straps. Don't buy cheap imitations!

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Those strips do not work for that. Try different seat covers. I have wool type seat covers and when I wear a nylon jacket, it generates the charge as I slide out of the seat and as I let go of the door...zaaapppp!! Took off that seat cover. No more zaps.

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Spray your seats with a spray such as Static Guard - you can find them in the laundry aisle of your supermarket. This helps eliminate the static electricity from getting in and out of your seats.

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If you are getting it from touching the door before you get in, make sure you touch the key to the door lock before making skin contact with the car and this will discharge the static buildup.

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The only way it would work is if the strap was on you. When you are sitting in the car you are insulated from the body of the car. You are just giving the car a better ground and might make your shock worse. Grounding fuel trucks are for when they stick the filler hose on the tanks they're filling so they don't spark cuz the truck and the ground are the same charge.

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Your other alternative is to put a grounding braid under your car to carry off the static charge.It needs to be fastened to the chassis and drag the ground.They are common on vehicles carrying any flammable materials.
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