Who like me doesn't know how to pump gas?

idon't know how to pump gas to save my life. sad to say. but where i'm from we don't have to pump gas


Bumper stickers?

I dont....im scared to try...LOL!

It's my driving test tomorrow do you have any tips ??

...wouldn't brag about that if i were you...

Need help! What cars (not SUVs) can you fold down HALF of the back seat?

I never pumped gas I will only go to a full serve.

what are the normal sequence of traffic lights in UK?

why dont u have to pump gas? do they do it for u? where r u from? and its really easy, u press the button of the type of gas u want, and put the nozzle in, and press to release the gas.

I will meet this man face to face though we just chat online in the past. Need your suggestions hurrily. Thank

I don't pump gas either. That's what I have a husband for.

Is it possible to retrofit airbags on a early 70s car, for example a 1970 Chevelle?

You are one stupid a**.

Road tax for bicycles ?

The directions are on the pump, if you're forced to do it yourself.

where/what is the cheapest trucking service provider?

I lived in South Africa for a while and every gas station had an attendant. This was hard for me to get used to since I am used to pumping my own gas. I have heard that New Jersey still has only full serve stations. Can anyone verify?

How badly will you screw up an engine using regular instead of premium fuel?

On the other hand- we let people bag our groceries. In Europe you have to bag your own.

What car do you suggest for a everday driver but still fast when i need it?

Okay, don't tell anybody but I go so long between the last time I pump gas and actually do due to the fact that the men in my family usually do that sort of thing, that I stand there paranoid that others are noticing me standing there looking stupid while I study the pump. Those pumps don't seem to work right when I pull the lever OR the person in the store isn't paying attention! Nowadays you can of course get gas without the store even being open but sometimes those store clerks help make me look crazy while I stand there having to refresh my memory trying to avoid my coincidentally pumping before the idiots in the store turn on the pump. You hear this, " try it again...try it again!" But I feel ya, gurl! You're not the only one.

Any Prius owners?

I don't mind pumpin, it's the payin I hate!!

Would a car with 6 cylinders be less efficient with gas than a 4 cylinder car?


in what states does decker truck line run?

pumping gas is easy.

What is a good idea for a personalized license plate?

important thing is when you're done, to put your gas cap on really tight until you hear it click. it has to be airtight like that or your gas tank's anti pollution device doesn't work and will make your "check engine" light go on to make you fix it..

20 miles/a day electric car . Any idea,folks ?

what it is is a little charcoal filter that collects any vapours released from the gasoline in your tank. there's a pressure test to make sure the cap is on tight and any harmful pollutants produced by the gasoline in your tank is being routed thru that filter and not out the gas cap into the environment.

how many hours...?

if the men ever stop for gas and the check engine light goes on right after they leave the station ask them if they tightened the gas cap.
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