Which is the most desirable non-super-costly car in the USA ? And what makes it so?


Why am I getting bad gas mileage?

corvette C^, the price and performance ration is second to no car ever made

what is a good all weather tire brand?

By far and away, the best car I've ever owned is a Toyota Corolla. You can't beat the value; if it'll start, it'll run. 40 plus miles to the gallon hwy, (I can testify to that). Great acceleration, very very quick. Fit and finish is fantastic. Why? The Corolla is built to Lexus tolerances. Why? For Toyota, the Corolla is a "loss leader". It's a great many people's first Toyota so they make it tight, durable speedy and reliable. It's the most reliable car I've ever owned. Finally, there's the service aspect. I strongly recommend having th vehicle serviced ONLY at the Toyota dealership; the difference is phenomenal. It's not "cheap" to keep serviced but it greatly enhances both performance and durability. But here's the real advantage; you take your Corolla anywhere in the U.S. and get it serviced at a Toyota Dealer and guess what, it's done right the first time darned near every time. Think about it like this. Get a VW, where you going to get it serviced? Tried a Ford Dealer service dept. lately? BMW? Great, but break out the wallet. Well serviced, you can easily get 300,000 miles out of a Corolla. You'll quit it before it quits you. And no, I don't work for Toyota.

What spinning address caddy put more than a few coins in Arnold Neustadter's pocket, in 1952?

Depends on the class of car you're looking at. If you're looking for over-all economic value, regardless of class, you're better off buying used. The car will have already gone through it's worst phase of depreciation, thereby costing you less in equity loss.

Ratings of gasoline brands?

I would suggest that you take a good look at safety performance of vehicles, as there are a number of poor performers out there. Two sites come to mind, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and Safercar.gov are both websites that rate safety performance of vehicles. For fuel economy, check out fueleconomy.gov. For anything else, reviews, complaints, prices and so forth, I'd suggest cars.com.

Why do cyclist ignore traffic lights do they have an exception certificate, if so as a driver can I get one.?

Good luck in your search. I've provided the links to the above mentioned websites.

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The Toyota Camry is the most desirable non-super-costly car in the USA. It has fit the wants, needs, and budget of the american family better than any other car for years. It is also the Motor Trend car of the year for 2007 models. As far as sports cars go, I would have to agree with the Corvette.

whos at fault & what to do when a cop runs a red light (NO sirens, only lights) and hits my passenger rear?

honda insight is.with a waiting list to buy one.why? simple it gets the best gas milage.60-66 mpg.
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